Fraser’s Phrases

Fraser’s Phrases was introduced in 2010/2011 at the Hawks Cricket Club.

It first started when we required a spokesman for the captains’ reports. The wit of Dave Fraser was immediately taken in by the players with huge success!

Thus, we gave one of our favourite members his very own segment during Saturday night presentations. We called it Fraser’s Phrases.

See below a couple of his classics! While these days Fraser generally leaves the post-game duties to the captains, he still offers some captivating and hilarious spiels from time to time – you have to be there on Saturdays to witness them first hand!

A Speech from Fraser’s Phrases from December 27, 2010:


March 1st 1980, a moment of inspiration beamed from the sky like a fallen star over the fields of Hession. Revealing a concrete slab upon the centre field. Like a blank tablature, to be written would be the commandments of cricket. Balls would carve the words whilst batsmen became the living stone to stand as truth and time as one.

God chose his man, his name Tremabth, his head filled with the speech of ancient kings saying “go forth my child and be free, go to the councils of men and seek guidance for Helensvale cricket must stand for and of itself”.

The bearded men of the cricketing synagogues sat as they stroked their beards and clucked their tongues as Trembath said “what is to be done with this Helensvale cricket?”. At last a word came trickling through the reeds of the Monterey swamps, their stench heavy in atmosphere as it found home in the breath of the people that lives there.

“Don’t come here” said the men of councils; “cricket is born of the institution of man and God a witness and Helensvale shall be witness to no God”

Trembath took stand as the voice of 3000 Helensvalians rose through his body as he said “Don’t come here? WE ALREADY WERE HERE!!!”

“We shall play them in the fields and in the land, we shall play them on grounds of dirt, sand and grass. We shall hibernate in forests of eucalyptus and pine and nest in the warm fields of Hession. Its damp expanses shall fill the voids of many men. their bodies shall fill these fields of not just this ground but across but across the golden coast. We shall find home for we are glad when we are weak and you might be strong”.

Struck by such fine speech and fundraising capabilities then men of cricketing councils fled in wake of the sleeping titan that was Helensvale.

So, here we are today and realise this my fellow Hawks that the field and the many fields we fill are not just passing hours, sun and rain soaked days, fledgling memories and belief, it is our bread and water. The title of “Hawk” is crafted by willow, cork, leather and blood.

There you go my dear sexy friend, may we pass on our duties to higher lands as we pass by the nether regions of disbelief as to what we achieve. This club be an ancient beast upon which its armoured feathered hide may take a thousand arrows in vain.
-Love D-Frase 🙂


And here is one from the 18/12/2010 at our senior Christmas Party. Good stuff! Go the Hawks!