Life Members

This is the HIGHEST AWARD a club can bestow on a member.

It is not just handed out for showing up each week or simply sitting on the committee. It is awarded for outstanding and extraordinary work by a member, for his or her club.

Every member, playing or not, should strive to achieve this award.

Our current life members are listed below. Without them, our cricket club would not be as special as it is today.

Tom Connolly (deceased)
George Payne
Eric Payne
Trevor Butler
Philip Jarvis (deceased)
Stephen Gooley (current player)
Greg Carney
Colin Kleinschmidt
Stephen Wilson
Jeff Lindemann (current player)
David Novak
Ray Lee (deceased)
Lynette Fraser
Brett Burke (current player)
Ian Wade-Parker
Conrad Dickson (current player)
Paul Baird (current player)
Joanne Browne