Coach Information & Resources

2019/20 Senior Coaching Staff:
Head Coach – Paul Baird – 0413116555

Senior Vice-President: Connor O’Brien – 0421247395
Junior Vice-President: 
Shawn Riddell – 0457875308

2019/20 Junior Coaches:

U17 + U15 Coaches – Paul Baird – 0413116555, Matt Ruhle – 0417889244
U14 Manager – Mark Snowden – 0438983118
U13 Coach – Shaun Nortje – 0401100280
U12 Coach – Mitch Jorgensen – 0459 999 569, Shawn Riddell – 0457 875 308
U11 Coach – David O’Donnell – 0405130040
Master Blasters U10 Coach – Matt Ruhle – 0417889244
Junior Blasters Coordinator – Steve Gill – 0422523682

If you are interested in helping out with one of our junior teams (e.g. as team manager or assistant coach), please contact our junior vice-president Shawn Riddell – 0457875308.


To be an effective coach; (1) know your mission, (2) plan and (3) communicate well and build rapport with your players.

Get Involved
We would welcome inquiries from any parents considering being involved with their child’s team in any capacity (coach/assistant coach/manager/scorer/helper).  Coaching is a very satisfying activity and one we will assist you with – many hands make light work.  We will guide you through your education and cover any costs associated with attending any of the more advanced courses you wish to attend.  With your involvement, we all become better.

The Level 0 coaching course can be undertaken for free online at

The Level 1 coaching course involves a day of practical instruction from 9am to 4pm. The courses are held periodically – we can provide more information on dates/locations on request.

All junior coaches must hold a current Blue Card (applications available from

Please talk to our junior vice-president Shawn Riddell – 0457875308 regarding positions for next season.


Our coaching philosophy at the Hawks Cricket Club is aligned with the BACK TO BASICS teachings of Queensland Cricket.

Check out the following link for some ideas for training drills:


  • To develop consistent batting performance, coach: (1) basic grip & balanced stance; (2) developing routines; and (3) positive footwork and advancing to spin.
  • To develop consistent spin bowling performance, coach: (1) alignment; (2) spin the ball; and (3) hitting against the spin.
  • To develop consistent pace bowling performance, coach: (1) core & leg stability; (2) run up; and (3) tight gather.
  • To develop consistent fielding performance, coach: (1) low body height; (2) throwing program of technique & volume; and (3) hand-eye catching volume.
  • To develop consistent wicketkeeping performance, coach: (1) leg & core strength; (2) catching with head over hands; and (3) hand-eye catching volume.
  • Advanced skills cannot be developed until the most basic skills are mastered.