6-A-Side Day

The Hawks run a very fun day we call the 6-A-Side. It is run at the start of the season during the pre-season. It’s a great way to start the season and catch up with previous and new members.

Saturday 10th September, arrive 8am for a 9am start.

The details are outlined below. The event will be advertised in the clubs pre-season schedule released each season and advertise on the website, Facebook and email leading up to the beginning of the season.

You are playing for your name Paul Baird Mortgages Shield. A huge honour within the club.

1.0 Tournament

1.1 The “Tournament” will be played at Hession Oval and it will be played on a 2 group, round-robin basis followed by a final.
1.2 All players will be drafted into teams.
1.3 Every team will get to play at least 3 games.
1.4 A Player Entry fee of $10 shall be paid on the morning of the tournament and will include a BBQ lunch.
1.5 The bar will be open as soon as The President says it’s OK.
1.6 The tournament shall be governed by the tournament committee. The tournament committee shall be the sole judge to decide on any matters that require arbitration and their decision will be final.
1.7 Players from non-playing teams will be asked to umpire from time to time. This is a thankless task. Just ask Bakes.
1.8 The tournament will start at 9:00am on the day and will conclude at the completion of the final. All players must be in the clubhouse by 8.00am.

2.0 Teams / Players

2.1 This tournament is open to all members of HPPCC (14yo to O40s) that have completed their 2016/17 registration form and made an initial payment towards their fees. Payment will be accepted up to the start of play.
2.2 There will be a maximum of 8 Teams
2.3 Players that register their interest on this Facebook post will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
2.4 Teams will consist of six players playing in any one game. Each team shall nominate a Captain who will be responsible for tossing and setting the field during a match. The Captain shall also be responsible for his team’s good conduct and compliance with the rules of the tournament.
2.5 Every team will include at least one Junior player.
2.6 While a match is in progress the teams that are scheduled to play next shall toss and get ready to play the next match.
2.7 Continuous play: To ensure continuous play throughout the day the two teams in the following match must ensure they are ready (padded up etc) to commence immediately on conclusion of the current innings in progress.

3.0 Games

1.1 Each game will comprise 5 overs per side
1.2 If a team is unable to take the field within 2 minutes of their required start time (ie the conclusion of the previous innings) they will forfeit the game
1.3 A batsman must retire after scoring 21 runs
1.4 No bowler shall bowl more than 1 over per match
1.5 Bowler’s run ups cannot exceed a distance as marked on the ground (approx. 6m)
1.6 If a “junior” player is on strike, a “spin” delivery must be bowled (unless the bowler is also a “junior” player). If the delivery is considered inconsistent with the spirit of this rule the umpire may call a “no-ball”.
1.7 Each team shall nominate a wicket-keeper for their match, who shall not bowl.
1.8 No batsman can bat in the same batting position more than once during the round-robin section of the tournament (opening the batting is considered one position). Players can bat in any position during the final.

4.0 Scoring

4.1 Normal cricket scoring will be followed with the following exceptions: –
4.1.1 All extras will be awarded to the batsman on strike.
4.1.2 Wides shall be called for anything down leg side.
4.1.3 The batsman shall be awarded 3 runs for any No Ball or Wide bowled and the ball will not be re-bowled, unless it is the final ball of the match.

5.0 Winners of games

5.1 The team that scores the most number of runs will be declared the winner
5.2 If both teams have scored the same number of runs then the side which has lost the least number of wickets will be declared the winner.
5.3 If both teams are still tied then the toss of a coin will decide the winner.

6.0 Points / Bonus Points

6.1 A winning team will be awarded 4 points
6.2 A team that scores 4 or more sixes during their innings will be awarded a bonus point
6.3 A team that loses by the toss of a coin will be awarded 2 bonus points

7.0 Winner of the tournament

7.1 The team with the most points will be considered the top placed finisher in the pool.
7.2 Should more than one team be tied on the same number of points a calculation of runs for divided by runs against will be used to determine the higher finisher. Wickets lost will not be a consideration.
7.3 The 1st placed team in Pool A will then play the 1st placed team in Pool B in the final
7.4 The winner of the tournament will be the team that wins the final